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- Door Decorations, Name Tags, Door Decs, Door Tags -

Door Decorations, "doortags," or "Door Decs," a creative name tag for residents' doors are a great way to help people feel like they belong right away! Here are some fun ideas:

License Plate Door Decs:

Clapboard Door Decs

This is great for a movie themed floor!


Pennant Door Decs

CD Door Decs
Click for instructions and template

Use Avery 5820 CD Labels with this MS Word Template to make door decs your residents will love!

Cheap n easy door decs

These are good door decs if you are on a budget. They will take some time to make, but you can incorporate it as a community builder if you get your residents involved.
Door decoration picture 2

Dry Erase Door Decs

Dry Erase Door Decs: ) This is usually a favorite! It is simply an MS Word template taht you need to edit, then print out on nice paper. You then tape dry erase transparencies over the top. The finished product will look something like these, depending upon the paper you choose to use (click on the images to get a bigger preview). If you have the budget, it is also nice to provide them with dry erase pens to go with them.

Door Mad Lib

(76k file - MS Word) Door decoration that residents fill out with information about themselves, where they are from, and what their interests are. Simply adapt two fields then print on nice paper. (It would look nice on something like "cloud" paper). You might also consider putting each name on before you print them out and post them. Click here for a close-up preview
Submitted by Micaela Simmons - Kansas State University

The Big List  
(This is a list compiled last year, before I dedicated a section of the site to this topic)

Metal Month (Series of programs including themed doortags)

All Stayed Up - 4 different ideas with pics

Baby On Board Doortags - These tags are a takeoff of the 80's "baby on board" auto signs

Bear Doortags - These bear doortags will go over well, especially with the added snack!

Butterfly Doortags - Doortags that look like butterflies

Certificate Doortags  - Use teachers' certificates of attendance as doortags.

Cute and Cheap Doortags - These unique pillow doortags will take some sewing skills, but they are great!

Flower Pot Doortags - Creative and colorful doortags to kick of the spring, or bring some color to the winter!

Flower Power - These flower-shaped doortags will require some time, but they are sure to be a hit!

Hidden Beatles Theme - Who will figure out this hidden "fab four" theme first?

License Plates - Use a license plate theme for the residents' name, hometown, etc.

Mario Brothers Doortags - Mario themed doortags

Palm Trees - Doortags shaped like palm trees

Puzzle Piece Doortags - Using the shape of puzzle pieces

Sports Pennants - Inspire some school spirit!

Something to Write Home About - Creative way to use postcards for your door decs! 

Suits Me! Playing Card Doortags - Use playing cards not only as a doortag, but also as a community builder!

Super-Hero Doortags- Simple and effective

Vegas - Las Vegas themed doortags


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