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To download one of these files, simply click on the file and choose save, or save to disk. You can also right click and choose "save target as."  There are additional ideas (without downloads) on this page.

Note on .zip files: If you dn't know how to unzip files, or need a free unzip utility, click here.

READ THIS FIRST: As with any program, it is important that you communicate with your supervisor to assure the bulletin board you are considering is appropriate for your community. What may have been used at one institution or on one floor may not be appropriate in your situation.

10 Study Tips to Keep in Mind (ppt File)

Academic Success (12k MS Word) This simple board can be combined with some academic success brochures from your campus. Simply download, adapt to fit your school (there's a place where you calculate how much money is lost for every skipped class, so you need to figure that out). Then, simply mount it on construction paper, and add your own creativity!

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Alcohol Mythology

Alcohol passive (52k .zip file - MS Word)- Think Before You Drink - info on how alcohol affects the body.  Created by Dawn Rendell, RA at N. Arizona University.  Microsoft Word.

Apples to Apples (MS Word) A fun bulletin board that goes along with the game, Apples to Apples. Intended specifically for first year students, the bulletin board tells residents how to play the game and encourages some community bonding.

Are you addicted to the internet? This is a bulletin board about Internet Addiction. It has information about finding out if you are addicted to the internet or not.

Are you eco-friendly? (PDF & Doc Files)

Are You Drug Smart? (4k .zip file) 14 Page MS Word document with 12 multiple choice questions about drugs and their use. Felicity May - Colorado State University

Are You Following Bad Advice? (MS Word File) This is a fun bulletin board adapted from Cosmopolitan that is all about common myths. It is full of pictures and is really fun for people to read! John Pine - Bridgewater State College

Astrology Bulletin Board (4 MS Word Files) This board has information about each of the signs of the zodiac, graphics, as well as a serious and fun horoscope.


Important Notes about these files:

  • These "Ready-Made Bulletin Boards" are not all necessarily complete.  They are just a good way to start your bulletin board.

  • Ideas for use include: Print them out on colored sheets of paper, or print them white and mount them on colored paper, cut them into different shapes, add pictures or use other fun ideas.  

  • Because they were created on different computers, you will probably have to change fonts, font sizes, etc.

  • Put some effort into these boards. Don't just print something out and "slap it up." If you put some effort into making it look good, your residents will not only appreciate it, but you will probably not have to deal with as much vandalism on your floor.

  • Use your creativity to make these bulletin boards look great on your floor and in your hall! 


Birth Control Flyer (MS Word Doc) This is actually a flyer on the different types of birth control, including descriptions, cost, effectiveness, and pros & cons. Includes recommended guidelines for sexual partners and information on forms of birth control not recommended for young women. This information could easily be converted to a bulletin board.

Body Image - (21k .zip file - MS Word) Information about body image with general information, common thoughts, behaviors and ways to change body image. Dawn Rendell, RA, Northern Arizona University

Bras - Love Your Breasts!  (812k .zip file - MS Word) A history of the bra throughout modern time.  Little known facts. Editor's note: This bulletin board is meant for a female floor, and would be inappropriate to put on a male or coed floor. (Yes, it was done by someone) Created by Angie DiSalvo, N. Arizona University RHD. 

Breast Cancer  (72k .zip file - MS Word) created by Angie DiSalvo, N. Arizona University RHD.  Information on breast cancer prevention, risk factors, cancer treatment. Created by Angie DiSalvo, N. Arizona University RHD. 

Consumerism and Buy Nothing Day - Consumerism and Buy Nothing Day (Held in North America the day after Thanksgiving - more info...).  Publisher 97 file.  Information on "shopaholics", environmentalism, and other topics. Compiled by Angie DiSalvo, Residence Hall Director, Northern Arizona University.

Diversity - If the world were 100 people... (369k .zip - MS Word) Great bulletin board with statistics of what the world's demographics would look like if there were only 100 people. Includes great graphics. Dawn Rendell, RA, Northern Arizona University

Do I have a Problem with Food? (9k .zip file - MS Word) Myths and Facts about eating disorders, as well as a quiz and general information about different eating disorders. Great start for a bulletin board. Tips for using this are also included. Annie Rolfes - Saint Mary's College

Earth Day (1.05Mb .zip file - MS Word) Excellent bulletin board about earth day! This one is great! Contributed by Carrie Fitzgerald - Colorado State University

Final Exam Preparation Tips - (26k -MS Word) Here is a bulletin board I made for Final Exam Study Tips. I thought you might want to put it on the website. (On my board, I also included an exam schedule and dates). Nikki Smith - Univ. of Southern Mississippi

Funny Advice- This great bulletin board has 14 VERY FUNNY photos that you can add your own captions to. Come up with things that your residents will identify with to match each photo. 

Gossip - (42k .zip file - MS Word) Information about gossip Valeria Martin Del Campo, RA at N. Arizona University

Grad School - (172k .zip file) Great bulletin board designed in Power Point with information about grad school, with common questions, costs and other information.  - Jeff Leininger - Colorado State University

Handy Hints for the Heterosexual.  (100k .zip file - MS Publisher 97) What to do when your friend comes out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.  Has some great humor! Created by Angie DiSalvo, Residence Hall Director, Northern Arizona University.

The History of Black History Month (130k MS Word File)- This is a bulletin board put together using information of a website (www.infoplease.com/spot/bhm1.html) It tells about the histroy behind Black History Month, and gives facts about African-Americans. A great diversity board. ~Sarah Coggeshall University Of New England

Illusions - (400k PowerPoint) This fun bulletin board has a number of pictures, drawings and illustrations that will puzzle and entertain residents! Sarah Bentil - sbentil@zoo.uvm.edu School: University of Vermont

Improve yourself by focusing on others! - (90k zip file - MS Word) bulletin board with ways to be "others centered" Valeria Martin Del Campo, RA at N. Arizona University

Multiple Intelligences Theory - (94k zip file - MS Word) I have created a very extensive bulletin board that can be used for a lobby or larger bulletin board. It is all about Howard Garder and his Mulitple Intelligences Theory. There are 18 Word documents all zipped. Let me know if you have any questions. Anthony Buza
Baker College of Owosso

New Year's Resolutions (114k .zip file - MS Word) - Five sure fire ways to make sure that your resolutions actually stick!  Created by Dawn Rendell, RA at N. Arizona University.  Microsoft Word.

Turning the Tables (22k .zip file - MS Publisher) A series of questions usually asked of our GLBT students that are now asked of our straight students.  "What do you think caused your heterosexuality?" etc.  Created by Angie DiSalvo, Residence Hall Director, Northern Arizona University.

History of Basketball - A few of the girls on my floor are on the basketball team, so when I learned November 6th was the birthday of James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, I put up a bulletin board to celebrate. Brooke Rittgers - St. Olaf College

History of the women's suffrage movement - (600k zip file - Microsoft Publisher 97) Includes really cool photos of protests and marchers.  Compiled by Angie DiSalvo, Residence Hall Director, Northern Arizona University. angela.disalvo@nau.edu

How to Whistle (102k zip file - PowerPoint) Great bulletin board with detailed instructions and illustrations on how to whistle! Shawn Merdinger - Information Specialist, MLIS (Former Hall Coordinator, UT Austin)

I Used To Believe - (MS Word File) Residents write what they used to believe when they were younger. MANY examples provided. Funny stuff, very popular with my residents. Concept taken from www.iusedtobelieve.com Bonnie Matthews - RA The University of Texas -- Austin

Interactive Emotions Bulletin Board - (MS Word) This one will take a bit of work, but your residents will love it! Click on the title to find out more.

Irish Quotes and Sayings for St. Patrick's Day - (MS Word) A great listing of Irish quotes and proverbs. Compiled by Micaela Simmons - Kansas State University

Ironing and Interviewing - STEAM IT UP!- (MS Word File) Look your best for that job interview! Practical tips on how to dress for success! Elizabeth Buchanan - University of Minnesota

Is it a cold or the flu? - (.zip file - MS Word) This is a little something I came up with one night while on duty (I was inspired by the Health Center's presentation...) - Bridget A. McCarte

Homophobia (4k .zip file - MS Word) Bulletin board with myths and facts, things to do to reduce homophobia, and information about related issues including hate crimes and same sex marriages.  Dawn Rendell, RA, Northern Arizona University

How Far Would You Go for Junk Food - PDF File & PPT File - This is an excellent bulletin board that uses calories burned by walking the length of a football field to look at nutritional content in numerous different foods and beverages. Submitted by Sarah M. - Northwest Missouri State University

James Bond Bulletin Board- (Microsoft Publisher file) Bulletin Board with Pictures and Facts about each of the actors who has played James Bond.

The Joy of Bathing - This is a great bulletin board to bring up personal hygiene to the guys floors.  We all know that they smell a bit...different from the girls floors.  This brings the issue of hygiene up in a mock serious manner. Submitted by:Joshua Christiansen & Curtis Buell University of Oregon

Late Show Top 10 - (MS Word) A list of college related top ten lists from the past. (2 versions)

Martin Luther King Jr. Bulletin Board (.doc - 155k MS Word File, 79k Adobe Acrobat File) An excellent bulletin board with information about one of America's heros, MLK, Jr. Includes a biographical timeline, many quotes, an picture, and other information! Great February Bulletin Board - Submitted by Tom Buchheit - Residence Life Coordinator - University of South Carolina

Major League Ballparks (.zip - MS Publisher File) A list of major league ball parks with pictures! - Ben Thoma - University of Delaware

Misheard Song Lyrics - (5k MS Word) Funny listings of misheard song lyrics. Stephanie Palmer
SUNY Geneseo

Meningitis - (.zip file - MS Word) - Information about Meningitis - Micaela Simmons - Kansas State University

Natural Highs - (4k .zip file - MS Word) A list of "Natural Highs" like "watching a sunset," "falling in love,"  etc. Rob Milnes - PSU

Random Acts of Kindness - (4k .zip file - MS Word) A list of "Random Acts" of kindness to inspire your residents. Kristin Brabender - UC Davis

Reading Methods - (5k .zip file - MS Word) Two reading methods for improving reading skills. Dave S. Machado - Resident Advisor - UC Davis

Reasons to Hug - (94k .zip file - MS Word) "Squeeze You?  I hardly know you!"  Types of hugs, communication, and other touchy-feely stuff.  Created by Angie DiSalvo, N. Arizona University.  Microsoft Word.

Rewind - (MS Word files) I decided to run a program where my residents would get together and watch "Old School" Nickelodeon Shows. I purchased DVD's of "Salute Your Shorts", "Kenan and Kel" and "Are You Afarid Of The Dark" from online and brought the residents together and watched either all 3 or only some of each one. Its really up to your dynamic.

Roofie passive - (550k .zip file - MS PowerPoint) When Drugs are Used for Rape.  Over 21 pages of information and pics dealing with roofies, GHB, and date rape.  Created by Angie DiSalvo, N. Arizona University.  Power point.

Time line of Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs Life. (554k zip file - MS Publisher 97 Includes photos, quotes, and a speech by Coretta Scott King.  Created by Angie DiSalvo, Residence Hall Director, Northern Arizona University.

Say What Bulletin Board (PDF & MS Word) This board is a great way to spark conversation and to educate and raise awareness of terms and phrases that are offensive, including "that's so gay," "bitch," and other potentially offensive terms.

Sexual assault - (43k .zip file - Power Point) Statistics on domestic violence in the US.  Created by Angie DiSalvo, N. Arizona University.  Power point.

Skin Cancer Information - (333k .zip file - MS Publisher) Skin Cancer facts and how to stay safe in the sun.  Created by Gyorgyi Tauber, Northern Arizona University.


Spam Bulletin Board - This is just one of those goofy boards that people seem to enjoy.  More information can be found at http://pemtropics.mit.edu/~jcho/spam/ and http://www.spam.com/ - Note to anyone who wants to use the word document: you may want to read through and edit it before you print it because it includes my hall website url, which you should feel free to look at, but you might not want to post it on your hall. - Submitted by Anita Bolla, Allegheny College

Spring Break Tips - (10k zip file) or (32k word file) Tips and history of Spring Break.  Some content is location specific, but the rest can be used anywhere.

Saint Patrick's Day Quiz - 7k zip file (MS Word)

So Easy to Love Your Mother! - (22k .zip file - MS Word) ready made bulletin board download with ways to be more environmentally conscious. Angie DiSalvo Wilson Residence Hall Director, Northern Arizona University.

Start the Year off Right - This Board is a mix of lots of things that you can do to start the year off right.  Since I am in a female corridor I picked the things that my girls probably had as new years resolutions...(Weight Loss, Exercise, ect.) and tried to gather little bits of info on each. Robin N. University of Miami Ohio

STD Board (Publisher and PDF Files) Informational and Eye-Opening Bulletin Board on STDs- Joshua Beck Assistant Resident Director Carroll College Waukesha, Wisconsin

St. Patrick's Day - A complete St. Patrick's Day program with flyers, banners, and certificates in addition to a sample proposal on how to sell the idea.

Study Skills - (3k .zip file) 9 page MS Word doc with study skills tips. From brochure created by Ricky Pak, an advisor at Colorado State - Dan Oltersdorf, Colorado State

Stress Facts - (16k .zip file - MS Word) I came up with this board of facts about stress and things you can do to recognize it and relieve stress. All you need to do is get some nice bright color paper cut it out into different type of shapes and print. Hope this is helpful to a fellow RA....keep up the good work everyone. Anthony McLaughlin

Self Mutilation

Sudoku How To Board MS Word ICon

Sweet Lure of Chocolate - I recently gathered this information regarding chocolate ("The Sweet Lure of Chocolate") via The Exploratorium's web site and created a bulletin board out of it.  It is pretty detailed and fits a moderately sized board (Too much info for small boards) saved in MS Word 2000 format. Mr. Jade B University of Colorado - Resident Advisor, Baker Hall

Taxes - It's Tax Time!  (11k .zip file - MS Publisher) Month by month guide on how to file your taxes.  Created by Jennifer Henson, RA at N. Arizona University.  Microsoft Publisher.

Top 10 - (8k .zip file) 11 "Top 10" lists covering everything from ways to use your time more effectively, to phone numbers you don't want to lose, to tips for planning your career.  Each list could be used as a basis for an individual bulletin board if it were reformatted! MS Word - Compiled from various sources - Dan Oltersdorf - Colorado State University

The History of Thanksgiving (publisher)

The Truth About Islam
(The Truth About Islam.zip - .zip MSWord File | Islam.pdf - .zip PDF File)
I made this board in response to comments I have heard on campus regarding the
WTC and Pentagon bombings.  I think it is so important that we know the facts
and not place blame.  This is adapted from 25 Most Frequently asked questions
about Islam at www.islam-usa.com/25ques.html
Dawn Rendell, Northern Arizona University

TV Show Theme Songs from the 80s - (5k MS Word) Stephanie Palmer SUNY Geneseo

Vegetarian - How to Win an Argument with a Meat Eater.  (132k .zip file - MS Word) Presents all of pro-vegetarian arguments.  Created by Angie DiSalvo, N. Arizona University.  Microsoft Word.

Walk of Fame - (105k .zip file - MS Word) Over 100 pages of famous gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons. Great for GLBT awareness, timelines, history, etc.  We printed the pages on pink paper and cut in the shape of upside down triangles and posted around campus for a "walk of fame."  Microsoft Word.  Created by Angie DiSalvo and Stacey Wadzeck for the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay Alliance at Northern Arizona University

Welcome back (3k .zip file) Very simple MS Word document with the words "Welcome Back" spelled out one letter on each page in different colors. - Dan Oltersdorf - Colorado State University

What is Recycling?  (196k .zip file - MS Word) Great bulletin board on recycling and environmentalism.  Created by Valeria Martin del Campo, RA at N. Arizona University.

What the Admissions Office Never Told You (PDF orMS Word)- Fun and interactive board with 30 funny "lessons" you learn in college. Invites residents to add their own "lessons." (for example, "Instant Messenger Becomes an Addiction")

What will you do today? (619k .zip file - MS Word) Inspirational bulletin board highlighting historical accomplishments and asking "What will you do today?" 

Women in Government - Statistics and information on women's participation in government (percent of women in the legislature, senate, etc).  Publisher 97. Created by Angie DiSalvo, Residence Hall Director, Northern Arizona University

Women's History Board featuring First Lady Trivia. - Great interactive bulletin board! Excellent for Women's history month, or as part of a program series on women's issues.

Winter Festivals Around the World (99k .zip file - MS Publisher 97) Information about winter festivals around the world. Created by Angie DiSalvo, Residence Hall Director, Northern Arizona University.

12 Ways to Throw Your Money Down the Drain! (14k .zip file - MS Word) - Bulletin board focusing on making the most of the money being spent on a college education.

17 Ways to make a Difference (5k .zip file) 17 tips on how to make a difference.  Thoughts on "sharing humor," "listening," and 15 more.  Great to print out on construction paper.  MS Word - Marni Rosenbaum - Ithaca college

21 Factors for a Long, Healthy Life - (37k .zip file - MS Word) 21 Factors for a Long, Healthy Life, as well as benefits of exercise. Kathryn Strivings and Vero Castro, resident assistants, Northern Arizona University.

50 funny things to do in an elevator 

51 Ways to make it to 101 (5k .zip file) 22 page MS Word document with 51 ways to live longer and healthier. (aimed at women, but could be adapted for men) - Felicity May - Colorado State University

2001 Horoscopes (171k .zip file - MS Word) 2001 horoscopes for your residents, complete with graphics! Microsoft Word. Created by Valeria Martin Del Campo, RA, Northern Arizona University


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