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Passive programming is a very effective way to educate residents and build community. In this section, you will find many passive programming ideas, primarily bulletin boards.

READ THIS FIRST: As with any program, it is important that you communicate with your supervisor to assure the bulletin board you are considering is appropriate for your community. What may have been used at one institution or on one floor may not be appropriate in your situation.

Ready Made Bulletin Boards!
Simply download them and print them out!
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Other Bulletin Board Ideas:
(photo included = Indicates a picture of the bulletin board is included)

101 Tools for Tolerance & Declaration of Tolerance Program and Bulletin Boards Great active/passive program
7 Wonders of Philly camera icon
Alcohol Mythology
Alternate African History
Archie Bunker's Neighborhood
A-Team Bulletin Board
The ABC's of the Birds and the Bees
The ABC's of Dreams  
A Year To Remember

Award Show Mania

Be a Star Bet Involved Bulletin Board
Birthday Tree - Beautiful Babies Bulletin Board
Black History Month Trivia Board
Board of Free Speech
Body Awareness Bulletin Board
"Bored Board"
Breast Cancer Awareness
Campus Organizations, Birthdays, and Resident Spotlight - Three semi permanent boards you can update throughout the year
Celebrate Diversity Bulletin Board This board encourages diversity awareness within a community. It allows residents to learn more about one another and broaden their definitions of diversity.
Celebrity Island 
Challenger Shuttle Bulletin Board (Good for Jan.)

Cheers Bulletin Board
Choose Your Poison  
Classes to Take, Classes to Skip - This interactive board allows residents to share advice on classes
College is a trip  
College Movies - Use images from popular college movies to show the facts and myths about college life.
Coloring Board  
Community Center 
Congratulations, Happy Birthday & Programming Board
Diversity Bulletin Board
Diversity Collage
Express Yourself 
Finals Class Help

Food on Campus
Get On Board
Get to know you Bulletin Board
Give Thanks Board
Happy Birthday Casey (Alcohol Awareness/Education/Drunk Driving)
Harry Potter Sorting Bulletin Board
Have a nice day bulletin Board
Have you gone A-Wall?
Harry Potter Hogwarts School  
Haunted Places   
Health and Wellness Board
If a picture is worth a thousand words... Then what would these say?
Information Highway
International Sounds 
Internet Addiction/Internet Dating  
January is National Puzzle Month!  
Leap Into Your Freshman Year!
Let's go to the movies 
Love Is...  | Love Is 2 (Similar Board)
Luv Gluv Board (for Pizza and Condoms Party)
Magnetic... err... Tape Poetry
Make Your Mark On Campus   
Mental Floss - This continuous interactive board can be a semester-long feature on your floor.
"Moods: and you feel..." Bulletin Board

Momma Said She's Proud (academic recognition)
National Pizza Day
National Pride (In response to 9/11 terror attacks)
National Soup Month (January)
Neighbor Trivia   
One Last Drink
On Your Way Out
Open Your Eyes to Islam
Interactive Paper Poetry Board
Phenomenal Women  Presidential Elections 2000 - Be informed!
President's Day Bulletin Board (February)
Putting the Pieces together   
Sex, Lies, and Videotape - Using images from magazines, this bulletin board highlights issues dealing with body image, including facts about eating disorders
Self Mutilation
Share the Love
Sharing Bulletin Board
Spring Break Ideas 
These Are The Gifts You Are Giving Yourself When You Smoke (Christmas)
True Beauty   
Uniformity is boring!
Useless Facts  
Valentine Charity BB 
Valentine's Day, Anti-Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

You Might Be a College Student If...
Ways To Show You Care Bulletin Board Amy Fanning - The Ohio State University
Ways to Say I Love You  
Weather Board - Keep your residents updated on current weather
What's In A Name  
What Do You Think Bulletin Board

What Do You Really Think Bulletin Board
Where In the World Have You Been?  
While You Were Gone On Break
Who do you love?  Valentine 
Who, Where and What do you Love?  
Women at Work - This is a bulletin board with matching door tags! 
Women's History Month Bulletin Board
WonderWall Bulletin Board
XXX At A Glance
Zodiac/Astronomy Bulletin Board

Other Passive Programs:
Matters of the Heart - Passive program for February, which is Sexual Health & AIDS Awareness month

Bathroom Vandalism Turned Good (Program to reduce vandalism in community bathrooms)

Please submit your bulletin board ideas!

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Misc Bulletin board info/tips:

Tips on how to make some unique letters for your board

Easy alternative when you don't have enough boards

Easy Bulletin Boards Using Calendars or Magazines!


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