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 Interactive Emotions Bulletin Board



This is a variation on your already posted "Moods: and you feel..." bulletin board. Each resident had a tag with her name on it that she could move under her mood for the day. The bulletin board also had creative suggestions for what residents could do for each mood. This was my most popular bulletin board.

Instructions/things needed:
*computer and printer (or marker if you want to do it by hand)
*adhesive poster putty

I drew and cut out emotion faces for angry, stressed, energized, sad, nirvana, happy, grouchy, in love, tired, and silly. For each emotion, I also had an activity. For example, next to "energized," I had a sheet where residents could sign up to buddy up with each other to go to the rec center and for the "in love" part, I drew a tree where residents could "carve" their initials. (I've attached the file   that I printed with an activity for each emotion except "in love," which was the tree.) Each resident had a slip of paper with her name on it and a
piece of poster putty on the back so that she could move her name to whichever emotion she felt without messing up the bulletin board paper.

Things to consider:

My residents LOVED this board. They even added a category: "Ready for Christmas Break!"

Name: Sonja Likness
School: UNC Chapel Hill
E-mail: sonja_likness@unc.edu

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