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PLEASE READ: Programs on are submitted by staff members from a variety of institutions and most are added to the site without refinement. It is important to note that programs listed here may not be appropriate for your institution or situation. Be sure to speak with your supervisor before planning any program, passive or active, to ensure a good fit for your community and to determine what revisions should be made in your situation. 

Social Programs (200+)
Programs designed with the primary intent on building relationships and promoting social development. 
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Fun ways to educate residents on alcohol & drug use, sexual issues, nutrition and more!
Academic/Intellectual (20)
To assist in the academic and intellectual development of students.
Passive Programs (17)
Bulletin board ideas, newsletters, and ready made bulletin boards for you to print out!
Human Awareness/Diversity
Disability Awareness, diversity and multiculturalism issues, etc.
Emotional (28)
Address the emotional needs of students, such as stress management.
Leadership Development (9)
Programs to provide leadership skills and growth opportunities.
Community Service(30)
Environmental, Community Service, Volunteerism

Occupational/Life Skills (10)
Topics relevant to life planning and career development and preparation.
Spiritual (8)
Education, exploration and awareness of spiritual issues.
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