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Alcohol Education

Batting Practice
Beach Scene
Before Help Arrives
Casino Night/Mocktails
Century Club
Cocktail (movie) and Mocktails
De-Stress with Yoga
The Drinking Game
Drug Education
Eating Disorders Hit Home
Flu Shots

Happy Birthday Casey (Bulletin Board for Alcohol Awareness/Education/Drunk Driving)
Happy Hour
Healthy Choices
Ice Blocking II
Knock Knock!

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K-9 Cop
Monday Night Raw (or Nitro) Drinking Game
Suicide Education

Rock Climbing
Sex 101 and Self Defense
Sobriety Saturday
Spa Night
Tae Bo

Tell me... What Don't You Like About Yourself?
Finals Week Stress Relief
Vegetarian Cooking
Walking Dogs at an Animal Shelter
Workin' the Party Scene
Yell Like Hell

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