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- Residence Life Resources -

Check out THE LIST, a new, comprehensive list of resources for Resident Assistants (RAs) and Residence Life professionals. This includes website links, Tumblr Accounts, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and more! Please let us know what we are missing.

College Success Resources
- Academic Resources
- Career and Life Planning
Diversity Resources
Graduate School Information
Health and Wellness
Other Helpful Sites for RAs
Other Resources
Personality and Other Tests

Programming Related Sites
- Advertising
- Programming Resources and Games
- Program Themes and Ideas
Social Programming Links 
Residence Life/Student Affairs Sites

Residence Life/Student Affairs Sites

ACUHO-I Association of University and Housing Officers International

NACURH - National Associaton of College and University Residence Halls

Paper-Clip Communications - A great resource for RA's, live-in professionals, and CHO's.  Check out the links for free samples from different publications or order tools and newsletters. - This site, designed for professionals, resident assistants, students, and parents, provides a wealth of information and resources to the Residence Life community! - Great resource for professionals and paraprofessionals in residence life

Student Affairs Virtual Compass -
"Your guide to internet resources for college student affairs."   On this page, you will find a great directory of links to Student Affairs sites all over the web.  The have a very comprehensive list of Residence Life and Housing Homepages


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Wise Gorilla -
A great collection of free clipart and links to educational clipart.

1001 Free Fonts -
Download some fonts to spice up your advertising

Clip Art Central -
A site with great FREE clipart to add some excitement to your flyers,
handouts, and more

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Diversity Web - A plethora of resources for students, leaders, educators, and administrators.  From articles, periodicals, and programs, this site has a lot to offer.

Diversity Training University International - Free diversity resources (a listing of books and articles) and daily email newsletter for diversity training

Multicultural Counseling Resources - Good resources for learning about other cultures and how it affects the counseling relationship
Videos on Racism - A listing of videos and reviews. 

Intercultural Communication Course - A self-directed study that challenges one to learn to communicate with other cultures.  Good activities for training or programs.

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Personality and Other Tests 

Online Keirsey Temperament Sorter -  This online test gives you some results as to your Keirsey Temeperament, and some basic info regarding the results

Life Colors Questionnaire - Another online personality test that bases its results on colors - A site filled with personality tests, brainteasers, etc.

Shape Personality Test - Another personality test based on of my RA's printed out all the shapes and placed the personality descriptions underneath as a bulletin board

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Other Helpful Sites for RAs

Personal Mission Statement Builder - An interactive website that allows you to build your own mission statement and then have it emailed to you - A list of internet greeting card sites...great for friends, relatives, and residents

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Other Resources

Sexual Assault Resources

Suicide Resources email newsletter
(See the bottom of this page to sign up) List-Serve
Talk to other RAs across the country.

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