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What is a Residence Hall Director? 

A RHD (Residence Hall Director) is a full-time student affairs staff member that lives inside a college or university residence hall.  S/he supervises the RAs (Resident Assistants), OAs (Office Assistants), DAs (Desk Assistants), Custodians, Professional Secretaries, and ususally reports directly to the an Assistant Director of Residence Life.  They also advise residence hall coucils and other student groups and organizations as well as often teach many different types of classes (i.e. Academic, Stress and Time Management Skills, First Year Experience, and Resident Assistant Seminars)  They assume responsibility for making sure residential needs, in terms of quality of life in a college or university residence hall are met.  They make sure that their residence hall(s) isn't coming down around college students ears, that it's quiet when it needs to be, and that everything runs smoothly. They also oversee the judicial process.  RHD's are trained in counseling, safety and security, student development and conduct, and emergency response. They are here to help ensure that your residence hall experience is positive.  The RHD position is often called different names at different colleges and universities.  Some examples include: Residence Life Coordinator, Residence Hall Coordinator, Residence Director, Resident Director, and many more.  Most RHD's have a Master's Degreee in College Student Personnel. 

What does a Residence Hall Director do anyway? 

Here is an article from the September 1999 "Talking Stick" (an ACUHO-I Residence Life Production) by Shana Warkentine Meyer that best explains what Residence Hall Director's do:


A Day and a Life of a RHD from UNH


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