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From:  "Crystal Collette" <crystalcollette@hotmail.com>
Date:  Tue, 19 Sep 2000 22:36:43 GMT


The University of Massachusetts Amherst will be hosting a very exciting
conference for all resident assistants accross the commonwealth!!


The mission of the 2000 Making MASS Connections and Intersection
Conference is to provide leadership training, facilitate networking and
foster creative ideas for inclusive programming for Massachusetts
Residence Life staff.  We hope this experience will be an opportunity to
dialogue about relevant issues to residence life and the RA position.

-programming sessions
-keynote speaker Professor Joe Martin
-T-shirt swap and prizes
-Awards for best programs of the day

Contact us if you are interested in more information, mailings will come
very soon!!!

Lisa Shell                              Bill Allen
Conf Chair                              Conf Chair
lisas@student.umass.edu                 wk79@aol.com

Date:  Fri, 22 Sep 2000 17:58:44 -0500
From:  "Michael Speros" <MLSPERO@gw.orl.ilstu.edu>

Organizational learning and "Learning Organization" - That's what's it's
all about.

Integrative Training Institute
Saturday, November 4, 2000
Illinois State University
Normal Illinois 61790

University Housing Services and Campus Dining Services at Illinois State
University is excited to sponsor a one-day conference  focusing on
organizational learning, and the use of "Learning Organizat Visit
www.train2learn.net  to register and for more information.

Due to limited space availability, we encourage  pre-registration.

For more information on the institute and learning organization
concepts, or to register, please visit our web site at:
www.train2learn.net or call 800-366-4675.

Just a reminder that the

Just a reminder that the 10th Annual NAME Conference is coming up quickly. If
you have not registered yet, you can download a copy of the conference
brochure at:
Website: www.umd.edu/name

Come join some of the top experts in multicultural education in sunny
Florida!! There are over 120 concurrent sessions. Plus the world famous
Bethune Cookman Choir will perform opening night. Opening night is free to
Orlando area teachers plus Saturday is a special teacher day with one day
registration available for Florida teachers.

10th Annual International Conference
November 15-19, 2000
Hyatt Orlando Hotel, Kissimmee, Florida

Keynotes Speakers include:

Leonard Baca - Professor of Bilingual Special Education and Director BUENO
Center for Multicultural Education ,
University of Colorado

Formerly on the Editorial Boards of  The Journal of Educational Issues of
Language Minority Students, Bilingual Research Journal (NABE), Remedial and
Special Education, NABE Journal, and Exceptional Children. He was Senior
Advisor, Center for Language Education and Research. In addition he served on
the National Advisory Committee for Pediatric Rehabilitation Research and
Training Center, Advisory Committee, National Information Center for
Handicapped Children and Youth, President's Committee on Employment of the
Handicapped, U.S. Department of Education, Bilingual Special Education
Coordination Task Force, and National Advisory Council on the Handicapped.

Louise Derman-Sparks
Pacific Oaks College, Pasadena, California

An international pioneer in anti-bias, multicultural , early childhood
education, Louise Derman-Sparks is a long-time faculty member of the Human
Development department at Pacific Oaks College. Author of Anti-Bias
Curriculum: Tools for Empowering Young Children, published by the National
Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), she has worked for
35 years with the many-faceted issues of cultural diversity and social
justice as a teacher of children and adults, child care center director,
researcher and activist.

Enid Lee
Enid Lee is an international consultant  on race, language, and culture as
they relate to equity in education and organizational development. She is the
former supervisor of the North York Board of education in metropolitan
Toronto, and was born and raised in the Caribbean. She is the author of
Letters to Marcia: A teacher's guide to anti-racist education., co-author of
Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A practical guide to K-12 anti-racist,
multicultural education and staff development (with Deborah Menkart and Margo
Okazawa-Rey) and numerous articles in Rethinking Schools).

Karen Swisher
Interim President
Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, KA
Co-Author of Native North American Firsts and Editor of Next Steps: Research
and Practice to Advance Indian Education.

Beverly Daniel Tatum
Dean of the College and Professor of Psychology and Education
Mount Holyoke College
For almost twenty years, Beverly Tatum has taught a class in the psychology
of racism. In 1997 her book Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in
the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations About Race exploded onto the national
scene just as President Clinton's Initiative on Race was developing. In
December 1997, she was one of three authors to appear with Clinton at the
Akron national town meeting on race. She was also a panel member in September
for the Initiative's first project, which was held in Little Rock to
commemorate the 40th anniversary of Central High's desegregation, and she has
appeared in dozens of media outlets around the country, including the Oprah
Winfrey Show.

Tou Ger Xiong
St. Paul, Minnesota

Tou Ger Xiong was born in the village of Phab Kheb in Xiang Khouang Province,
Laos in 1973. In September of 1975, along with thousands of Hmong, Tou Ger's
family fled across the border to seek safety in the Thai refugee camps. Four
years later, in March of 1979, they immigrated to the United States as
refugees of war. Tou Ger's childhood in America began in the public housing
projects of St. Paul, MN. In 1992, he graduated valedictorian from Humboldt
High School. In 1996, He graduated from Carleton College with a degree in
Political Science.

During his third year in college, he began telling folk tales, performing his
rap songs and comedy routine. He is often referred to as a consultant on
Hmong family and youth issues, the Asian version of Snoop Doggy Dog, and the
first Hmong Eddie Murphy.

Bill Howe
National Association for Multicultural Education
             NAME website: http://www.umd.edu/NAME/
Connecticut State Department of Education
             CSDE website: http://www.state.ct.us/sde/calendar/index.htm

This message is for everyone in the MACUHO Region:

The 2000 MACUHO RA Conference, hosted by Towson University, is scheduled for
November 18, 2000.  Registration materials and program proposal information
should have already arrived at your school by now.

If you are interested in attending the conference but have not yet received
information, please reply to the listed email address or contact one of our
co-chairs listed below.

We hope that you'll be able to join us for this exciting event!  See you

Ryan Kane
Program Chair

Lisa Simmons
Volunteer Coordinator & Facilities Chair

Bettina Straight
Registration Chair

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