WHOMP ‘EM: One person is the “Whomp ‘Em Master.” That individual stands in the middle of circle with the “Whomp ‘Em Sword.” (Could use Styrofoam tube or rolled up tube of newsprint, etc.) The rest of the group sits in a circle with legs out toward center of circle (leaving enough room for person standing in middle). The object of the game is for the “Whomp ‘Em Master” to get stuck in the middle of circle. Someone starts off round by saying the name of a member of the group. The Master must “Whomp” (hit) the legs of that member, before that member says the name of another member. The game goes on until the Master hits an individual before that individual can say another person’s name (can not repeat name that has been said in round already.) When the Master succeeds in “Whomping” an individual, that individual becomes the new Master. Quite crazy…but loads of fun! Best if played following another name game, so individuals have a sense of who each other is.

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