FACILITATOR’S EXERCISE OUTLINE (Download entire exercise including candidate descriptions, group worksheet: Who would you hire? wordicon)

RA Selection Committee Exercise – Whom would you hire?

Exercise Description

The candidate group will be asked to imagine that they are members of the RA Selection Committee.  Their task is to select two(2) staffs of 3 RAs each from the candidates described on the handout.  They should be instructed to first make their own selections and when they have finished that, collaborate with the others in the group as a selection committee and arrive at a consensus of opinion regarding the candidates.  The participants should be instructed that a simple majority vote is not sufficient and that discussion and consensus are the goal.


This activity focuses on the ability of individuals to work towards consensus, participate in negotiation, demonstrate listening and verbal skills, inclusion and collaboration qualities, and attend to task.  In addition the exercise will allow candidates to develop and understanding of candidate selection and assessing staff dynamics.


Each candidate will need a copy of the candidate descriptions worksheet and a writing utensil to complete the activity.  The process is a timed exercise and it is OK if the group has not completed the task when the time has expired.  The timing is as follows:

  • 5 minutes to individually select the staff teams
  • 20 minutes to determine the group consensus for selecting staff teams
  • 5 minutes to process the exercise with candidates


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