Description: I thought that I would be really cool make an update board about things that happened over the Christmas Break but nothing really happens in a small town so I made things up about each of my residents and posted it as an update bulletin. Everyone loved it, including my hall director. Also this is great way to show your residents that you do notice the things they do during the semester.

Instructions and Things Needed: The first thing you do is think about one quirky thing each resident does during the semester, then you make into something that person might enjoy or get a laugh at. For example, I had a resident who always studied outside in the hall at night so I said, “We installed a night light next to Christy’s room for all her late night study sessions.” If you can’t really think of something specific about a resident then do something general like “The RA’s took the mattresses out of ResidentX’s room to build a stress relief room.” Make sure you put things that your residents/resident hall can relate to. After you building your list, Type separate announcements to place near the bulletin board stating “While You Were Gone on Break….” Or “Important Changes Made Over Break. See Bulletin For Details” Using loud colors helps draw their attention to the board.

Other Considerations:

1. If you are going to to say something funny make sure it won’t offend the resident.

2. Make sure you get ALL your residents listed in your list. The last thing you want is a resident feeling left out by you.

Name: Shawna

School: Northeastern Jr College


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