This social/physical program is a resident competition program played to the style of the game-show Name That Tune. Five contestants out of however many attend are chosen based on their answer to this question, "How many stores are in the Mall of America?" The answer is 520 stores. The five contestants who get the closest will compete. The rest will serve as the game-show audience (like the television show greed). The five contestants are then given 4 crisp dollar bills. Next, the contestants are given a letter (A, B, C, D, or E). These numbers are based on how close their answers were, the closest being A, and so on. The game is played in 10 rounds. The rounds are as follows.
Round 1 – A vs. B
2 – C vs. D
3 – E vs. A
4 – B vs. C
5 – D vs. E
6 – A vs. C
7 – B vs. D
8 – C vs. E
9 – D vs. A
10 – E vs. B
The contestants then take turns competing during their designated rounds against each other. The player whose letter comes up first in the round schedule will pull a sheet of paper out of a hat. On that sheet of paper will be the title of the task they will have to do (other considerations). The person who’s letter comes first in the schedule will say how many or how much of the particular task he/she can do. The other person will be able to say, I can do (so many) more, or I challenge you to do what you said you could do. The bidding will go back and fourth until there is a challenge. If the person accomplishes the goal, he/she will obtain a dollar from the other person. If the person does not accomplish the goal, he/she will forfeit a dollor to the other person. The game is over when all ten rounds are finished. Each player has the capability to make anywhere from 8 dollars to zero dollars.

Instructions/Things Needed:

20 one dollar bills (or gift certificates)
Package of Oreo cookies
10 Twinkies
List of all U.S. Presidents
Word list of 30 – 40 words
20 inflated balloons
Makeshift basketball hoop (garbage can) and small basketball
Can of green peas and two small buckets or cups
A couple clusters of grapes
Standard deck of cards
Masking tape and other office materials

Other Considerations:

These are rounds we used, but many others could be thought up. The materials listed above are for these rounds.
Oreo stacking Round – Stack as many Oreo cookies on a straight tower as you can without them falling over. The cookies must stand on there own for 5 seconds.
Twinkies Round – Unwrap and place as many Twinkies in your mouth (this includes eating) as you can in 60 seconds.
Presidents Round – Name as many U.S. Presidents as you can in 60 seconds.
Word List Round – Read a list of 30 or 40 words. Before you read them, have contestants bid on how many words they will be able to remember.
Balloon Round – Place 10 balloons on one side of the room. Place 10 more balloons on the opposite side. Pop as many balloons as you can while running back and forth across the room and only popping one balloon at a time. Time limit is 90 seconds.
Basket Shoot Round – How many baskets can you make in 60 seconds from a designated distance. Contestants must retrieve the ball each time.
Pea Toss Round – How many peas can you throw from a designated distance to a small bucket or a cup in 60 seconds.
Grape Toss Round – Have contestant chose a partner. Partner will toss grapes to contestant. He/she has 60 seconds to catch as many grapes from a designated distance as possible.
Card Stacking Round – Stack as many cards on a tower as you can. Cards must stay on tower for 5 seconds.
Resident Autograph Round – Contestant gets one sheet of paper and one pencil. He/she will get three minutes to get as many resident signatures as he/she can in three minutes. Must be back in designated area within the three minutes.

There is a possibility for many different rounds. Audience participation makes it fun. Name: K. Phillips & R. Shaw
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