List of ways to show others you care about them:


  • suppport them through difficult times
  • do things that they like to do
  • spend time with them
  • attend sports and performance events in which they are a participant
  • call them for no reason
  • be happy to see them
  • listen
  • check on them when they are sick
  • be honest
  • remember their birthday
  • give hugs
  • leave them surprises
  • be honest respect them
  • smile and say “hello”
  • be on time when you have plans with them
  • tell others what you like about them
  • encourage them
  • cook them their favorite food
  • make them feel important
  • let them be themselves
  • compliment others.

Instructions/Things Needed: Printer, care bear stickers, scissors, printer paper, tape, staples, stapler

care bears bulletin board

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