When I was a RA I did this program and it worked out surprisingly well. The basic concept was to have several game systems from the Atari of the 80s to the playstation of today. as i showed a game on each system, i discussed with the residents the increase in graphics and realism of the games. this then also shifted over to talking about the realism of the characters and the increase in violence in the games. soon the entire room was talking about the impact this has on children today, and about how it desensitizes them to the effects of violence in the real world…

it was pretty amazing how everyone had their own strong beliefs and how quickly they were willing to express their points to the end. overall i would say that it was one of the best programs i have ever seen or done…

Instructions/Things Needed:

all i needed was a tv (which was in the lounge) and some different game platforms (which i pulled together from my own and those of the guys on my floor) Name: Bob
School: Southern Connecticut State University

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