At Victoria’s Secret Body, they do free makeovers. I have a predominately male hall (I’m a female RA) and I wanted to do a program to bring the girls on my hall closer together. (My last program was paintballing and most the guys went but no girls)

Instructions/Things Needed:

Find a make-up retail store that offers makeovers. Organize a group to go on a certain day at the same time. Arrange for transportation, try to bargain coupons from the store, or go during a sale (b/c most girls will want to buy stuff afterwards). They should be more than accomodating in offering a discount, especially if you get a large group.

Other Considerations:

Try to get coupons or discounts.
Plan in advance with the store and the girls (so the store has enough staff to do all the makeovers at once).Name: Melissa Serrano
School: Franklin & Marshall College

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