Survey: (CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY TEMPLATE IN MS WORD) Great way to get to know your residents’ interests and needs. This is a MUST for planning programming. It can also help you connect residents with others who have similar interests.

Floor Meeting Outlines: (CLICK HERE FOR FLOOR MEETING OUTLINE IN MS WORD) This outline can help you think about how you want to run your first floor meeting. You obviously need to use whatever is given to you by your supervisor, but if you still need additional structure or ideas, this document may help!


(CLICK HERE FOR MANDATORY FLOOR MEETING SIGN IN MS WORD) Make sure your residents KNOW about your first floor meeting. This sign encourages them to contact you if they ABSOLUTELY can’t make it, because they will be responsible for the information provided.

(CLICK HERE FOR NO TAMPERING WITH FIRE SAFETY EQUIPMENT SIGN IN MS WORD) “FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY – Tampering With Fire Safety Equipment is a Felony” You may wish to add the consequence of pulling a fire alarm at your institution (usually immediate evication)

(CLICK HERE FOR “DID YOU LOCK YOUR DOOR? SIGNS IN MS WORD) Sign to remind students to lock their door when they are not home or when they are sleeping. Useful for communities which don’t have automatic door locks on doors.
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