This program was received very well by my residents and was full of energy the whole time. The residents were asked split into teams of three, making six teams ( but that is up to you) and asked several trivia questions. I picked a variety of questions but most evolved on common knowledge, unique questions, and my school facts. I quickly tallied up the correct number of points and put them into a calculating spreadsheet. I ordered pizza and bought gift cards for the winning team and chocolate bars for second. 


  • Try to get some help to count the answers.
  • Try to pick some easy and hard questions and add variety
  • Have the pizza arrive after the game has started for either a break or after, this allows for people to stay in your program and not grab pizza and run.
  • Try to type out the questions on a powerpoint and projector or get a microphone. It was hard to talk over all the noise and commotion.


  • There are 6 rounds; rounds 1-3 single points; rounds 4-6 double points
  • Each round has 5 questions
  • Assign each team with a number and write down their name
  • The players may rip off the rule sheet and keep track of their own points on the end.
  • Ask the questions for round one and collect answers.
  • Tally the number right and enter it into the spreadsheet.
  • Reveal the answers
  • Round 2 and 3 follow as same, however have the players rip of the slip on the end of the round 3 answer sheet that says “impossible question”
  • After the end of round 3. Ask the impossible question. This question will always be a number and is intended to be impossible. The team closest, higher or lower, to the actual number wins 3 bonus points. 
  • Round 4 begins, now double points till the end of the game.
  • Round 5 the same, however have them rip off the end slip that says “wager” and hold onto it. It will be used after round 6
  • Round 6 the same, however have them rip off the slip that says “final question”
  • After round six comes the final questions. Reveal the category of the final question. Have the players make a wager from 1-10 on the slip they tore off from round 5.
  • Have players hand in the wager and mark each in the spreadsheet.
  • After each wager is handed in and marked, ask the final question. 
  • Each team will hand in their answer and tally weather the teams where right or wrong in the spreadsheet with the corresponding wager.
  • Reveal the answer and standings. 


  • pdf of questions I used in my floor program
  • excel spreadsheet with answer sheets on one tab and automatic score calculator on the other.

email me with any questions. Have fun!

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