Trick or Treat for Canned Goods – (optional titles… “Trick or Treat for a Good Cause…” “Scary Charity…” Be creative!


You and your interested residents dress up for Halloween to go trick or treating for canned goods. The food items collected will be donated to the local foodbank. If you don’t have a foodbank in your area you can donate the food to a shelter. This is a great way to build community in your hall as well as give back to the commiunity around your school.

1. Benefactor: Determine what shelter or chartiable organization you want to donate the cans and non-perishable goods to. Contact this organization to let them know about your program, and ask if they have specific needs or requirements for donations. (for example, some may require only canned goods. Others may be looking for anything non-perishable, etc)

2. Location: Decide where you want the program to take place. Determine if there is a convenient residential area adjacent to your campus. You may also decide to have the program take place on campus.

3. Advertising and Promotion: In early October, start spreading the word about this program. As the program gets closer, post more promotional materials. The days before the program, continue to “talk it up,” sending out emails to your floor, posting additional flyers, reminding other RAs to come and bring residents, etc.

4. Let the neighborhood know: If you really want to make sure people are ready and have food to donate, you may want to pass out flyers to the neighborhood a week before the event, letting them know about the program, and what you will be looking for.

Advertising Tools:

Trick or Treat For a Good Cause Flyer


Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Flyer

Halloween Clipart in Microsoft Word


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