TRAFFIC JAM: Divide the group depending on how many people there are. The groups need to be of even numbers of six, eight, etc. If there is an odd number of people have them help facilitate the activity and them switch off. To set up the game, place marked squares (one more than the number of people in the group) on the floor. The boxes need to be placed in a straight line. Have each person stand on a marked box, leaving the center open. The challenge is for the groups on either side of the center unmarked box to completely change to the other side, by moving one at a time, like in a game of Checkers. Players may move into the vacant spot next to them, or they may jump another player on the opposite side, but they can NOT jump a player from their own side. Players may not move backwards, and two people can not move at once. After the group has figured out a solution to the traffic jam, have them show the leader.

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