TOUCHSTONES: This activity is best done at the end of a group experience. All participants are asked to chose a touchstone (marble or rock if location permits) from a jar, bag, etc. The facilitator then reads the following and gives all participants a copy to take with them to remember their experience:

We all came here as individuals, bringing our own personal styles and characteristics. We have each given a part of ourselves to the group. This is what being an individual is all about. We have learned about others and also about ourselves. We all are unique pieces of the puzzle, with our own thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and dreams. We are valuable because of this and what we have to offer to others.

No one else is exactly like us. We need to look in at ourselves, see who we are and recognize our potential. We have the ability to accomplish whatever we start out to do. Know that we have no limits and only we can make things happen.

I want you to take all you have experienced here and keep it with you. These Touchstones represent the experience we have shared together. Take one, look at it, and remember who you are. Each stone is different – as each of us is our own person. But, they are similar too – each with hopes, desires, and ambitions. Dig deep inside and always have the courage to be yourself. You are a wonderful individual just as you are.

Keep this Touchstone and know the power and energy you feel here will always be within you. Do not forfeit your potential to fulfill all you set out to do. Listen to the voice inside you, think about all there is for you to accomplish, and challenge yourself to do it. Go on….the power lies within.

(Adapted from Springfield College)

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