I showed the episode of Seinfeld entitled “The Puerto Rican Day.” This episode has been banned from syndication by NBC, due to some objectionable scenes revolving around the Puerto Rican Flag. The ban came after heavy protesting by the NYC Puerto Rican community, although NBC denies the episode is offensive. After showing the episode, I read aloud a news article and some opinion articles on the matter. I was able to elicit a great discussion on the matter and we talked about the portrayal of other cultures in other sects of the media. It was a great cultural enrichment since people are from such diverse backgrounds and were able to add to the discussion. Also, this program was really easy to market and consequently had a very large turnout (as far as RA programs go). Unfortunately, obtaining a copy of this particular episode is going to be extremely difficult. My advice is to check the internet and see if you can find someone who will make you a copy. I should also point out that the news articles do mention many other Seinfeld cultural issues that could well be explored in a program, so don’t feel like this program is not feasible just because you don’t have a copy of “The Puerto Rican Day”. Many TV stations air Seinfeld reruns nightly, so it shouldn’t be hard to find another episode to use, since many are riddled with cultural commentary.

Instructions/Things Needed:

-Copy of “The Puerto Rican Day” (or other) episode of Seinfeld
-News articles on the subject
-food, of course!

Other Considerations:

Make sure you advertise a lot….this should get a relatively large turnout of students. If you like, I can provide copies of the news and opinion articles I used in the program, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please email me with any requests. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide copies of the episode itself.

Name: Josh
School: Univ. of CA, San Diego
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