Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine’s Day


The program was based off of the history of valentine’s day as well as David Lettermen’s top ten list from Feb 13, 1995 on why no one wants to be your valentine. The full program is at the bottom of this page.

Instructions/Things Needed:

construction paper
valentine’s decorations
anti valentine’s decorations

Information to cut, past and print out for […]

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Valentine’s Exchange

Name: Sami Golden
School: Catawba College


We all made folders to hang outside our doors and the few days before Valentine’s Day, everyone could go through the hall and put valentine’s in the folders.

Instructions/Things Needed:


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Valentine Charity Bulletin Board

Description: Make a Valentine Bulletin board, where people can write messages t other people in the building. This will create a stir and more community in the building. In exchange for the message, have a box mounted in the middle where people can donate pocket […]

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Valentines for Vets

I have never done this as an Residence Life Program but until this year, Community Service Programs were not mandatory at our college. I did however do this with my 4-H club several times in high school, and am planning on doing it this year at my college. […]

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