Year Around Adopt-A-Family Program

About three years ago we sponsored an Adopt-A-Family for the Holiday Season from our Community Care organization. It was a single mother with five children under the age of ten. As a staff we worked together to make this Christmas very special, since their mother had very limited income.Because of the positive feedback and […]

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Celebrate the holidays by helping others

Invite your residents and residents in other dorms to express there creativity through pumpkin carving.  Donate your carved pumpkins to a local elementary school or preschool.  The expressions on the faces of the children are priceless (even if your pumpkin wasn’t exactly a work of art).

Many of our residents are unable to go back […]

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Turkey Toss: Residence Hall November Program

Erin H
School:  Westminster College


To take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday as a great opportunity for my hall to get together, I came up with a fun activity to precede our Thanksgiving dinner.  I wrapped a 11 pound turkey in plastic wrap (to protect it) and took my hall out to the quad of our campus […]

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Gathering Bowl – Thanksgiving Program


Because November is also the month for Thanksgiving, it is a great time to get your residents together to share what they are thankful for, while sharing a snack.  A very easy program to do for this is to have each resident bring about one cup of some sort of snack that would be […]

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Giving Thanks – Interactive Bulletin Board

Residents submit paper turkeys on which they can express their thanks for something or someone and you then post them on a bulletin board or a central place on the hall.

**A fun idea for November**
Before beginning the program, type up a flier that explains the program and distribute it to each resident or each […]

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The History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Passive (Zipped Publisher File)

thanksgivingpassive (PDF File)

The History of Thanksgiving

Description: A ready-made passive program for bulletin board educating international students and Americans on the history behind Thanksgiving.

Instructions: Place on a public bulletin board that grabs attention. This is perfect for a dorm that has a good mixture of international students and Americans, to further educate and […]

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Give Thanks… Bulletin Board

Description:During the month of November, have a variety of different examples of how to give thanks. Such as making a card and on it write “make a card” in cool lettering. Also, having poems as examples and candy wrappers for “give sweets”. Lastly, I made a “turkey gram” which said thank you__________ for ____________; […]

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