Sexual Health

I Know What You Did Last Night

This was the coolest program that we did all year. Everyone who wanted to participate had to sign up ahead of time. Then they all got an identity like, Joe. School Soccer Player. Has slept with three people. Then each day, they get a mystery phone call telling them what they did the night […]

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Sexy Scavenger Hunt (Another variation)


A scavenger hunt with a twist! Contestants are grouped in pairs, threes, fours (pairs is easiest) and given sheets that contain safe sex questions, STD questions, and sexual items as well as other objects to be retrieved (this will be explained in the “things needed” section). The pairs have 15-20 minutes to get as […]

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Sexual Taboo


3 student health advocates came and we played the game of sexual taboo (taboo but sex questions). In between questions they would demonstrate and discuss different health and sex issues. I served food too. We had an awesome turnout and it was so much fun, lots of […]

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Sex and the choices we make

I’ve used the following program several times with my freshmen residents and it provides them with important social interaction as well as a fun way to learn about STDs, pregnancy risk, etc. It goes something like this:

Get a group of about 20-30 residents together […]

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Sex Talks and Blow Pops 2


Residents are given the opportunity to ask questions anonymously to the other residents in attendance.

What you need:
* a pack of 3×5 cards
* a large amount of Blow Pops (a
few bags)
* writing utensils


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St. Patrick’s Day Sexual Health Board

Description: The pictures explain it all…

Laura R
San Diego State University

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Condom Creativity

Description: In order to get the word out that the Residence Life Staff had condoms for students that wanted them we had a floor competition. The students had to come up with a creative way to use a condom other than for sex. The main focus […]

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Sex Talks and Blow Pops

Blow Pop suckers
Advertise first!Everyone interested meets in specified place. Each person must write a "sex based" question on a sheet of paper. Fold paper and put in bucket. The facilitator reads the question. The person to answer the question (correctly) gets a […]

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Spank the Monkey

Description: Fill a pinata with condoms and candy (especially blow pops), then have your residents come "spank the monkey"

Instructions_Things_Needed: a pinata, preferably a monkey šŸ™‚

Name: Pedro Gomes
School: University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Cyber Sex


Preferably in a computer lab -although this can be done from individuals’ rooms- participants log on to a web site with a chat room. Once logged on, residents talk about sexual issues ranging from STDs to Sexual preference and positions. […]

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