Trick or Treat Event and Door Decorating Contest


This has been done a bunch of times around campus and is a great idea! It works for us because we are in an urban setting. We invite children from a homeless shelter, or other organization, to Trick-or-Treat in the building. Residents sign up in advance and have candy ready for the children who, […]

Celebrate the holidays by helping others

Invite your residents and residents in other dorms to express there creativity through pumpkin carving.Ā  Donate your carved pumpkins to a local elementary school or preschool.Ā  The expressions on the faces of the children are priceless (even if your pumpkin wasn’t exactly a work of art).

Many of our residents are unable to go back […]

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“Think PINK” – Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this is my bulletin board for October. All facts and figures found on nationalbreastcancer.org


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Name: Carrie
School: Keene State College


This is a combination of a Halloween costume party and Karaoke. We had tons of people for this event it was extremely successful. There was a costume contest, dancing, and karaoke It was the best social we’ve done all year.

Instructions/Things Needed:

karaoke service/DJ

Other Considerations:

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Cute Little Monster!

I personally don’t like making October all about scary stuff. So in order to still comply with the theme of Halloween, I made cute little monsters for the door decorations šŸ™‚ I made them using construction paper and time! I made 5 of each, so I made the outline for one and I cut […]

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    Denim Days for Breast Cancer Research


    Lee Jeans sponsors a day in October to raise money for breast cancer
    research. The idea is for employees to donate money to wear jeans to work, but we adapted it for a college environment by letting each person who donated be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate for a pair of jeans. […]

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    Dia De Los Muertos

    Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead; Crafts


    This program was inspired by an article I read about Dia De Los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead (which happens to be the day after Halloween). I found it fascinating that the Mexican culture embraced death as a part of life so much more fully […]

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    Haunted Places

    Description: A bulletin board about the haunted places in your city

    Instructions_Things_Needed: Just look up different haunted places in your city on the internet, and post reason’s y it’s haunted, and the addresses of these places, just in case people want to visit. Internet connection, printer and paper šŸ™‚ Other Considerations: Also, if u want, […]

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    National Pizza Day

    National Pizza Day Description: National Pizza Month is October and National Pizza Day is October 11th. This program can be done any day, however, as pizza is a popular food at colleges around the world. This program will educate students about the orgin and development of the pizza pie. Instructions: 1.) Come up with […]

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    October Planning Guide

    This monthly planning guide is a supplement to the Residentassistant.com. For each month, you will find links to programs on the site as well as programming ideas and other information. Please let me know if you have suggestions for this feature. Be sure to follow our social media acccounts for ideas too! (Instagram | […]

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