Frustration Piñata


As finals period was approaching, I listed all the ‘pet peeves’ that my residents had at that time on index cards. These annoyances ranged from University Parking Fines to a dreaded required writing course: Expository writing. I also had residents, ahead of time, list their own personal annoyance on index card. I then taped […]

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Smooth Your Life


This is a program to promote eating healthy and is excellent for finals week, or stressful semesters. We stand in the lobby (three of us) make fruit smoothies. A description will be given on how to do so. Basically, this is an awesome program because #1, it is easy for the RA’s to do […]

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On Your Way Out

On Your Way Out Description: It was the last few weeks of school and we had to do our final bulletin board. So I wanted to do something cute for my girls so I made each of them a suitcase with their names on it. And then i just put up a sign saying […]

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Stress Free Week


A week before midterms or finals when people are stressed out, tell the residents that for one week they can donate non-perishable food items and clothing in your room. when they bring the item give them one ticket. (make sure to keep a tally of how many tickets each person gets). then when the […]

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