St. Patrick’s Day – Community Building

ShamROCK and ROLL!
Description: This program is meant to celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with music by having a ShamROCK and ROLL session. A Guitar Hero Tournament was the highlight of the progam. Serving as a preface to the fun, an informative orientation was presented about the traits and/or traditions that are celebrated […]

March Planning Guide

This monthly planning guide is a supplement to the For each month, you will find links to programs on the site as well as programming ideas and other information. Please let me know if you have suggestions for this feature.

Programming Ideas for March

Contents of this March Planning Page:

Programming around the calendar
Student Issues (issues […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Sexual Health Board

Description: The pictures explain it all…

Laura R
San Diego State University

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Women’s History Board – Featuring First Lady Trivia

Description: This is a Women’s History Board featuring First Lady Trivia.

Instructions: Simply print some pictures of historical women, print out a heading, and maybe some filler.

Attachments: Other than the pictures mentioned above (you can search for them online) all the materials needed are included in the attachments.

You would also need to type the Q’s […]

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Women’s History Month Quiz Bulletin Board


A great bulletin board for March — Women’s History Month. I got the questions from a web page, typed them up, and made them into a quiz. I just glued the question on the front of a piece of paper folded in half and the answer on the inside (so they can check to […]

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Irish Jigging

Name: Susie B
School: Western Michigan University


A dance teacher from one of our local dance studios in Kalamazoo came and taught a group of students about the history of Irish Jigging and the relation it has to a lot of modern day dances, she then taught the students how to actually do a jig. The […]

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