January is National Puzzle Month!

Description: This was an eye catching, fun, and easy bulletin board. All I did was cute out pictures from magazines and glued them onto paper in collage form. Then, I cut it up into different pieces. I put some of the pieces together on the board […]

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While You Were Gone On Break

Description: I thought that I would be really cool make an update board about things that happened over the Christmas Break but nothing really happens in a small town so I made things up about each of my residents and posted it as an update bulletin. Everyone loved it, including my hall director. Also […]

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Don’t Be So Square

Bulletin Board
Description: This bulletin board originated as an idea of mine to make a snowman bulletin board for January. My problem was the fact that I had no way to cut out big circles for the body of the snowman. That led me to the idea of making a very large and square snowman. […]

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