Interactive Bulletin Board

If a picture is worth a thousand words… Then what would these say?

This is a simple, fun, and really effective bulletin board – especially in an apartment community like mine which is not very social. I got really great participation and feedback from my residents about it – and since I’ve done it – the idea has been passed on and used successfully by three of […]

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What Do You Think Bulletin Board

Bulletin Boards Name: Kristin Fisher
School: Virginia Tech


Every week, I hang up a marker and a big piece of bulletin board paper in my bathroom under the words, “What do you think?”. I also post up a topic for the week. So far, we’ve done, “Evolution in the schools?” (about Kansas’s board of education), […]

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Magnetic (Tape) Poetry


You know how fun it is to play with magnetic poetry, right? Well, in order to give residents a quick study break, simply type up a bunch of random words (100 or so), cut them out and individually tape them to a bulletin board. Allow the residents to arrange the words in creative poetry […]

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