Smooth Your Life


This is a program to promote eating healthy and is excellent for finals week, or stressful semesters. We stand in the lobby (three of us) make fruit smoothies. A description will be given on how to do so. Basically, this is an awesome program because #1, it is easy for the RA’s to do […]

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On Your Way Out

On Your Way Out Description: It was the last few weeks of school and we had to do our final bulletin board. So I wanted to do something cute for my girls so I made each of them a suitcase with their names on it. And then i just put up a sign saying […]

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Stress Free Week


A week before midterms or finals when people are stressed out, tell the residents that for one week they can donate non-perishable food items and clothing in your room. when they bring the item give them one ticket. (make sure to keep a tally of how many tickets each person gets). then when the […]

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Study Breaker


This program was done during midterms or during finals. The program is done to help the students relax after a long day of studing for tests before they return to their long, tedious, brain aching study sessions.


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Finals Week Stress Reliever

What you need:
1) A massage therapist – offer to pass out their business card or a coupon to all residents that come through. They can also hold a raffle for a free hour massage.
2) At least 4 RAs – One to sign people up, one for each of […]

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Late Night Finals Breakfast

Late Night Stress Relief Description: Monday or Tuesday night of Finals week, the R.A.’s put together a late night breakfast, at around 10 pm, held in the cafeteria. We made pancakes, french toast and crepes. It was a time for […]

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Feeling Stressed?


bring in a massage therapist and have him/her teach you massage techniques to de-stress yourself and others. this is a Great program to do during finals because everyone is tired and tense and it’s a great way to relax, even if it is only for an hour or so but it really helps when […]

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End-of-semester Jello Fight

This is a program that my RA and the other female RA’s on campus did my
freshman and sophmore year and it is a tradition that will be carried on through the Res. life program for years to come. What’s needed:

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Balloon Stress Busters


This is a good program to do during final exam weeks. Give each resident a balloon and a marker. Have them write down all their stressors on the balloon and blow it up. Then after everyone has blown up their […]

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De-Stress with Yoga

Name: Danielle Page/Ivelysse Swan
School: The Catholic U of America


During midterms we co-sponsored a yoga program. The purpose of the program was to give the residents a fun way to stay healthy while preparing for midterms.

Instructions/Things Needed:


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