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Who are your words hurting?

I gave my RA’s  the topic of diversity for their bulletin boards. I decided I would do a board based on inclusive language as well to contribute to their boards.

See mic

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Men’s health bulletin board (November)

Men’s health bulletin board with information about prostate cancer, no shave November and how to perform a testicular self exam.

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    My not so bulletin bulletin board.

    Instead of the usual bulletin board, this month I mixed it up  with a canvas! The boss lady wasn’t so sure about it until I told her that her board was safely put away behind my door.

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      How Good Are You in Bed? (Bulletin Board)

      Fun idea for a bulletin board. “How Good Are You In Bed?” with tips on how to get a good night’s sleep. You could also include some educational information on the value of sleep and the impact of sleep deprivation. (Try a search for “Tips for getting a good night’s sleep”) 🙂


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