Alcohol Education

Alcohol Awareness

You’ve got 99 problems but… alcohol poisoning ain’t one.

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    The Drinking Game

    Program: The Drinking Game
    Physical, Social/A Description:

    This program was designed to give my residents information about the dangers of binge drinking without lecturing them. I made a life size gameboard to fit the commom area of my floor. Then, I compiled a list of about 120 questions within the topic of drinking. I did this […]

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    Choose Your Poison

    Description: This is a fairly easy bulletin board that can be tailored to whatever the “drugs or choice” are on your campus. Print out a big banner with some catchy title like “Choose Your Poison”. You can get information on the effects of various drugs at

    Focus on the most negative effects. If you have […]

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    Monday Night Raw (or Nitro) Drinking Game

    This program took very little time to actually put together. It started with ominous-looking signs all around the hall advertising “All you care to drink for FREE!!” and I put it in a high-profile place, like our Parlor, that has a 27″ TV in it. I then went to the store and bought 3 […]

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