Every good toga party needs a traditional event. Tag Team Chariot Racing is a team competition. You need enough pairs for as many floors there are in your dorm. For example: 5 floors, ten people, 1 pair per floor.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Each pair is assigned a hallway. Each pair wheel-barrels down a hall in a toga. The 1st pair tags the 2nd pair and the 2nd pair runs up the stairs and wheel-barrels down the next hallway. Each pair tags the next pair when they reach the end of their hallway. The team to finish in the fastest time wins. You will need prizes for the winning team/teams.

Other Considerations:

You can always reuse a pair if you cannot find enough persons per team to have 1 pair per floor. You can also create obstacles, as if wheel-barreling in a toga isn’t a challenge in itself! Good obstacles to use are barrel garbage cans placed in the middle of the hallway, shoes all piled in a spot in the hallway, pile chairs together and make the pair go under the chairs, etc. Tell residents to be careful! Name: Jamie
School: Niagara University
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