Description: This is bulletin board is titled: Tools for a college super hero (with matching door decs)! My main thing was a poster with different tools or items that help college students succeed, like friends, alarm clock, food, calculator, etc. Then I had everyone’s names in a superhero cut out with superheroes all over the board.






Instructions: Things you need: construction paper, puff paint, a printer

The main poster was really simple, I just looked up images of the different tools needed to be a college super hero and posted those on the poster. Then I printed a bunch of images of superheroes like the Ninja Turtles, Superman, Batman, Catwoman, etc. I included the names of all my residents and they loved it.

For the door decs, I used the idea of superman symbol and I cut out the shape from construction paper and then put their initial in puff paint where the “S” would be. They absolutely thought it was the coolest thing to have their own superhero symbols on their doors!

Katey G
University of Illinois at Chicago Back to bulletin boards

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