Description: For my residents’ doortags one month I decided to make individualized street signs with their names, such as “Ashley Rd.” It took a lot of time and effort, but it was well worth it when at the end of the semester, four months later, I saw many of my residents taking theirs home!

Instructions: Take dark green paper and cut it into equal size strips. Then, using a corner rounding tool (optional, but I think it makes it look more realistic), round off each corner of the paper. Finally, use a white paint marker to write the names on the green paper. You can even add a white border a little from the edge for more effect!

Other Considerations: I am a perfectionist, so a ruler was my best friend during this project. The supplies aren’t too expensive, and are a decent investment if you plan other ways to use them again. Also, depending on the number of residents you have, make sure you have enough of the markers. I had about 40 doortags to make, and I used two markers.


Name: Reni
School: University of North Florida

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