ShamROCK and ROLL!
Description: This program is meant to celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with music by having a ShamROCK and ROLL session. A Guitar Hero Tournament was the highlight of the progam. Serving as a preface to the fun, an informative orientation was presented about the traits and/or traditions that are celebrated by people of Irish decent, particularly their love for music. Next, was the face-off to determine the Guitar Hero. The winner wins whatever prize is available (pot of gold, a certificate, etc.). The program was definitely a success.

  1. Advertise the event via written and oral promotions.
  2. Research the traditions and traits of St. Pattys Day.
  3. Acquire video game console and accessories.
  4. Set-up equipment.
  5. Decorate accordingly.
  6. Implement program.

Other Considerations: Beware if you plan on using your own equipment. The residents get carried away in all the commotion and something will fall, break, crack, or get stepped on in the process. It would be wise to use the company’s equipment.

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Q.T. P
Lamar University

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