Name: Matthew W
School: Syracuse University


In order to do this program, there must be a way to filter all incoming residents through the same point. In our case, the RSA security desk directed students to a “sobriety field test.” 3 RA’s were stationed around the lounge at 3 different tests. First came ABC’s where residents had to say the alphabet clearly and quickly. Next, they had to walk a straight line, keeping their heads tilted back and their arms outstretched. Finally, residents had to show hand-eye coordination by touching their fingertips to their noses (eyes closed and head tilted back). At each station, a pass or fail mark was added to the wall. We then posted the results in graph form that night…the next morning, all residents saw the data as they left the elevators and interpreted the info their own way….

Instructions/Things Needed:

Masking tape, markers, paper, tireless RA’s who will stay up all night!

Other Considerations:

Some people may object to this….before they begin, assure them that no ID’s will be checked, that the study in anonymous, and that the test is not a breathylizer.

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