This event is game-show styled that is based off of the Newlywed Game. I have done this event two years in a row and it has always turned out to be a success! I hold this event in the first semester, about a month after school starts so that it gives the residents some time to really get to know their roommate. The game tests to see which pair of roommates know each other best by asking a series of questions (similar to the Newlywed Game) and the roommate has to match their answer with how their roommate would answer the question. 

I use a PowerPoint to show the questions and I go over the rules before hand. In the end I have a tie-breaker question in the event that there is a tie. 

Attached are all the files I use for this event. 

For the prize, I usually pick something that both of the roommates can do together. For when I did my event this past October, I gave out a scary movie date night gift basket. 


Be creative with your questions! 

*Great game to do with Freshmen!*

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