This is a program to promote eating healthy and is excellent for finals week, or stressful semesters. We stand in the lobby (three of us) make fruit smoothies. A description will be given on how to do so. Basically, this is an awesome program because #1, it is easy for the RA’s to do and #2 because if you think about it, a lot of these students are extremely undernourished nutritionally and the vitamins and glucose may be what they need to succeed on their big tests and a stressful time. This program was an INCREDIBLE hit because 250 of our 336 residents came down and waited in line for a smoothie. Actually, the line of people waiting for a smoothie was all the way down the hall for an hour! People are still talking about it and begging for more, and we did it way last semester. It helped a lot of students to realize that eating healthy can be easy and delicious!

Instructions/Things Needed:

Blenders, frozen strawberries (or other fruits), VANILLA yogurt,
and apple juice. Play with the consistency until it tastes like a fruit malt. You can sprinkle store-bought (sugar coated) granola on the top and it is DELICIOUS!!!

Other Considerations:

Have more RA’s involved in helping purchase the huge amounts of yogurt, Apple juice and strawberries. Also, be prepared to feel like a short order cook. It gets hectic, but it is so fun and sooo yummy.
Name: Julia
School: University of Missouri, Kansas City
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