A scavenger hunt with a twist! Contestants are grouped in pairs, threes, fours (pairs is easiest) and given sheets that contain safe sex questions, STD questions, and sexual items as well as other objects to be retrieved (this will be explained in the “things needed” section). The pairs have 15-20 minutes to get as many things on the list, and answer as many questions as possible. They cannot answer the questions themselves, and must get the name and phone number of those in the resident hall that they retrieved the answer from. RA’s can monitor each floor, if the hall has more than a main level – to make sure no one is cheating. All items are returned to the speaker, points calculated for items and right answers – then you can go ahead and talk about why they needed to get a bar of soap, female condoms, cucumbers/bananas, lotion, etc. This is an informative program that will teach safe sex, and promote awareness. Prizes should be given to those who have the highest score, and Planned Parenthood in your community will most likely donate free condoms for you to throw out at the crowd.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Planned Parenthood is a great resource for pamphlets and free goodies if you just go in and ask.
The STD questions, contraceptive info, pregnancy q’s all can stem from the pamphlets or whatever you can find online – I found some great stuff looking under “safe sex” online. You need to make up a list for your contestants. Include stuff like
lotion/baby oil
female condoms
plastic wrap
telephone cord
lambskin condom
spermicidal condom

ok I’ll explain, i know it doesn’t seem to make sense as to why you’d want these items.
after the students get the items, prepare to demonstrate why you need these things.
have someone try to put a condom on correctly on the cucumber/banana, give prizes for those who succeed.
the lotion example is a great one to prove the problem with latex.
take a dollop of lotion onto your hand, rub it in and grab a condom.
put your whole hand into the condom and hold it up to the audience…then rub your hands together as friction – the condom will split and break. have someone with no lotion on their hand try and do it , especially someone with long nails. the lesson is that anything with an oil base breaks down the strength of latex. so people who use baby oil as a lubricant for sex, are playing with fire. the plastic wrap is an alternative to the dental dam, which is used over the female genitalia with oral sex. the toothbrush/soap can explain the importance of keeping clean, and getting yearly check ups. the phone cord provides the option of safe sex through phone talk. you understand. i had a good time with this program, and my residents had fun trying to win.

Other Considerations:

it takes a good amount of planning
i made up this program last minute, b/c a previous sex program idea i had didn’t fall through. get as many prizes and companies to donate prizes for your program as possible – kids love to be rewarded for asking for someone’s banana <haha> Name: Kelly Hiscott
School: Kent State University
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