A very simple and fun program. The resident assistants act as facilitators, encourage residents to put questions about sex in the fishbowl (doesn’t need to be a real fishbowl, we used a box with a fish drawn on the side of it). It can be as educational or as frisky as you like, you dictate the tone. I have done this program 3 times, and got wonderful turnout. One time we had a health professional, and thankfully he was a cool guy and went along with some of the more frisky questions. Basically get everyone together, encourage questions, make it clear they are anonymous, and pass around the fishbowl, and have students ask the submitted questions to the group. Materials:

* A fishbowl (or equivalent)
* Paper
* Lots of pens
* Condoms (not necessary, but fits the mood to give them out)


Remember, things may get a little raunchy, but if you can roll with the punches your residents will have a good time. Try to have someone there that can answer serious questions. We had questions ranging from serious "Can one get AIDS by performing oral sex?" to the serious, but humorous "Why is it that I have to pee after I have sex?" to the silly "Are heavily tattooed men attracted to heavily tattooed women?" Submitted by Eric Cameron – Montclair State University Back to Programming Ideas
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