Description: One program I sorta created was with a fellow RA. We wanted to have a sex education program. We realized that nobody would show if it wasn’t entertaining so I came here to look for ideas. I combined a few programs into one. We had the residents break up into co-ed teams and had 3 competitions. First a drag contest, then Sex Jeopardy, lastly “The imitation of female pleasure” aka Fake Orgasm. We gave a prize for the winning team and free condoms to those that participate.

Instructions_Things_Needed: First you need to clear it with your higher ups, last thing you need is to get fired. Buy some sexual products, (Whipped cream, fancy condoms, oils, massage tools, things that are kinky but not too kinky.) Try to get condoms for everybody, we got ours from a community AIDS group for free. Then we made fliers (write the word sex really big.) Have everybody break into groups when they show up if they haven’t already picked them. For the drag contest have everybody show up “normal”, send them back to their rooms so that everybody has a fair amount of time. Award first place through third, any other teams give equal amount of points. Then have Sex Jeopardy, this is the educational part of the program (get info from Health Office). Total the points for the two competitions and give an update to everybody. Now comes the Fake Orgasm. We originally planned for women to do this but ended up with a couple guys doing it because the women were to embarrassed. Total the scores for the 3 competitions and give the winning team the prize package. Hand out the free condoms as the group leaves. Feel free e-mail me if you have any questions.

Other Considerations: Make sure you have some unbiased judges try to get RD’s or RA’s from elsewhere on campus. Have a point scoring system in place try to change points if one team begins to have a blowout. Do some personal walking around the hall to make sure guys will do the drag and women the orgasm. Have a second and/or third place prize if you can. You might want to divy up the responsibility with another RA.

Name: Brian F
School: Cazenovia College

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