Description: I did this program at the beginning of the year, but I think I should have waited until the middle of the first semester. I handed a list of all the residents out to everyone. Each person wrote one nice thing about every other person, and returned the sheets to me. I complied the lists, and printed them on cute, bordered paper. I then hung them on a bulletin board at the beginning of second semester. Many residents had forgotten about it, but everyone loved it! Even the guys! For weeks, people would stop and read everyone’s compliments. Great ego booster and way to start the new semester! I also did the same thing with the RAs in my building, having all the RAs write one nice thing about each other. I passed them out at our meeting, and it put everyone in a good mood!

Instructions/Things Needed: Fun stationary
Something to type on

Other Considerations: -You may want to have everyone e-mail you the answers. It is much easier to cut and paste, then retype everything!

Name: Jenn
School: Dickinson College

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