This program is based on the idea of MTV’s Say What? Karaoke game show. We borrowed the sound system from our HRL department and set it up in the lobby. We invited three "judges" to judge on accuracy, style, & performance. The hall gov’t president was "Dave Holmes." We had residents sign up about two weeks before the program. They had to provide their own music. We played part of the song and judged, following the same routine as MTV’s show. For the "Wheel of Death," we used a Twister wheel (from the game) and we covered it in paper. We listed 8 songs including judges pick (we furnished the music for the final round). It was a HUGE success. We had prizes for the first and second place winners (we have a limited budget).

Instructions/Things Needed:

Sound system (a mic is optional)
Numbers (1-10 for the judges)
Wheel of Death (we used a Twister spinner)
Variety of Music (for the Wheel of Death)
Three Judges, a "Dave Holmes," and possibly a "Laura Lipschitz"

Other Considerations:

Have a Wardrobe Closet for the final round and also advertise. We did this in a single gender hall, but be sure to advertise in ALL halls. Make sure you have a big enough area (lobby/rec room) to hold the audience. Name: Kyle Schultheis
School: Western Kentucky University – Barnes Campbell Hall
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