Program Title: “The Roommate Game” or “The Newly Roommie Game”


  • This program is done in a game show format. It is inspired by the show “The Newlywed Game,” this program is a great way to promote positive roommate relationships and build community


  • This program is a great program for almost any community. Consider doing it early in the year, but allow enough time for roommates to get to know one another. There is often a “honeymoon” period at the beginning of the year, and real conflicts don’t start to show up until after the first few weeks. This can be a good time to do this program. Determine the best time for your community.


  • Decide on a date for your event. Talk to your residents and fellow staff to find out what time/day would be ideal. Ideally, you should provide yourself at least 2 weeks for planning and advertising. Keep the above considerations in mind for this program.
  • Determine a location.
  • Designate staff members for the various roles.
  • Get prizes. If your budget allows it, get some prizes. If not, try to get local businesses to donate prizes.
  • Decide on food and drinks. Depending on your budget, decide what you want to serve as refreshments, and make plans to go shopping for them.
  • Make plans for advertising. Start advertising as soon as possible, but use several “waves” of advertising. You may wish to use the sample flyers included with this program. You may also want to use a building email list, banners, door hangers, global voice mail (where available), and as ALWAYS, word of mouth, the most effective advertising format.


  • Arrive early & set up. If you have hired a KJ, ask him or her to come early and set up. If you are providing refreshments, make sure they are purchased and ready.
  • Do one last wave of “recruitment” by knocking on doors, etc.
  • Introduce your host and explain the rules (see below)
  • Introduce your contestants
  • Describe your prizes.
Roommate Game Guidelines…
  1. Pairs MUST be roommates living in the hall (verified via hall roster)
  2. NO talking between roommates during the rounds
  3. Answer cards MUST be covered and only revealed at the appropriate time
  4. No help can be given from the audience in terms of answers
  5. Each round should consist of three questions and a bonus question A. Question 1- 5 pts B. Question 2- 10pts C. Question 3- 15pts D. Question 4- 25pts (BONUS)
  6. During the rounds, questions must be followed in order and recorded as to what questions were asked, so that any unused questions can be utilized for the championship game

Supplies Needed

A. Tables (at least three) plus 2 chairs per table
B. Staff (1 scorekeeper, 1 announcer, 3 judges, 2 assistants)
C. Answer Cards
D. Markers
E. lobby space, holding “sound proof” space
F. Scoreboard (could be a chalk board or dry erase board)
G. Banners and misc. decorations

General Procedures

A. During each round one of the roommates leave so the other can write the answers down (must leave hearing range)
B. The host will ask all three questions in a row (before bringing the roommate back)
C. The markers should not bleed through the paper and should be fairly large so that the audience can read them (could use cut up poster board)
D. Players must write their answers on the card provided it is possible to lose points if the answer is blurted out.
E. No more than five words per answer *unless other wise specified)
F. Players should number cards according to the question numbers so they do not reveal wrong answers.
G. Players must lay down their pen and turn the paper face down before the roommates can enter the room.
H. The roommate will enter the room and answer the same questions verbally.
I. The first roommate will hold up the card on the table, with the answer facing the audience and judges.
J. Judges decide if the answers match or not. All judges decisions are final.
K. Judges have 30 seconds to decide on questionable matching answers.
L. If any roommates cheat by telling or showing their answers, they will automatically be disqualified
M. In cases where numbers are part of the answer, roommates must be within one hour for time questions and within two digits for number questions (unless otherwise specified)


  • Make sure you provide an opportunity for formal or informal evaluation/suggestions/recommendations for next time you do the program. Find out how they found out about it, what they would recommend for next time, etc.


There are three different types of advertisements provided for this program, all in MS Word.

Roommate Game Flyer (Word)


Roommate Game Quarter Page Flyers

Roommate Game Table Tents


Roommate Game Program with Questions (MS WORD)

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