snapshot from October 1999 snapshot from October 1999

It is very exciting for me to be posting here on the brand new I started this site when I was an RA at Colorado State University in 1998. The idea then was to create a space that allowed Resident Assistants (RAs) and student housing professionals to share ideas and get resources to help do their jobs better and more easily.  Thanks to the contributions of so many in the student housing world, this resource has grown beyond what I ever imagined.

Since 1998, has seen over 4 million visits, 30 million page views and over 400,000 hours visitors spent getting and sharing ideas to serve residents!*

I am amazed by all of this, but at the same time, I am not surprised, because I know this profession cares. I know that student housing professionals and RAs alike do what we do because it makes a difference. I don’t know how many other professions exist where passionate caring people would come together so collaboratively for the people they serve, to share resources, advice and ideas. All did was provide a conduit to help this happen on a broader level. I’m excited to see this resource continue to grow as a community driven site made valuable by you contributing ideas, resources and advice. The best is yet to come!

As always, if you have an idea to share or know of another resource we should link to, please share!  Thank you all for making this possible and for your continued support in making it grow as a resource for our field!  Thanks to Campus Advantage for dedicating the resources to keep this site going and giving back to the field of student housing.

~ Dan Oltersdorf

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*Source of traffic estimate: Since we started keeping track using Google Analytics in 2006, the site has had over 3.1 million users come through who have spent a combined 271,000 hours on the site and generated over 21 million page views. This doesn’t even account for ’98 – ’06, during which time we estimate very conservatively that the site had another 10.5 million pageviews and 1.75 million additional users during those first years, based on snapshots of traffic from early 2000 including average visit length and pageviews per user. This is all without factoring in significant additional growth during the subsequent years.

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