Program: Rock ClimbingDescription: Day at the climbing gym! Rent out the local climbing gym for 2 hours and have a blast! What you need:
1) Get info from the gym on group rates, times, etc
2) Transportation to and from – To avoid liability, you might just give people directions and have the event start AT the gym. Check with your supervisor about this!! Things to consider:
1) Get money in advance! It only cost us $8 a person, but if you don’t get the money early, you stand to lose your deposit when people decide they don’t want to wake up at 8am. (Oh yea, sometimes the available times are really early or really late)
2) Have a knot tying meeting first. In order to save time once you are there, borrow some ropes and harnesses from the gym and teach residents how to tye the basic knots and belay. (the staff of the gym should be glad to teach you these things) Other Comments:
As you may have noted, this event may exclude some people who can’t pay for it, so keep that in mind. See if your hall can subsidize the program at all. Submitted by: Dan Oltersdorf – Colorado State University

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