The program is very simple really. All it consist of is raking leaves and having a dinner together. Here at my school each freshman dorm/floor has a faculty mentor and we invited him to participate. This gave the residents a chance to get to know their mentor on a more personal level.

Instructions/Things Needed:

You will need:
-lawn and leaf bag
***All of the materials were borrowed from the grounds crew on campus (Maintenance) You will also need to either order food for dinner, or have one of your residents make it. I had one of my residents prepare the meal. After an hour or so of raking and cleaning up the ground we had a delicious meal together.

Other Considerations:

I honestly didn’t think that I could get my entire dorm to participate in the project. But with the proper advertising it was a complete success. Also if you do not have a dorm mentor program at your school, try to find a professor that be willing to participate. Name: Jeffrey Finton
School: Mount Saint Mary College
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