This is a great program that educates people without them knowing. I had a great turnout and lots of people came that aren’t usually active in the dorm.
I took a purity test off the internet. Everyone kept their own score as I read the questions out loud. Afterwards, everyone calculated their "percent purity". If they wanted to share, we compared scores, and I gave out prizes to the person who had the highest score (the most pure), the person with the lowest score,and the whoever got a 69. I gave out condoms as door prizes, and at the end I snuck in some educational material about birth control and STI’s.

Instructions/Things Needed:

A Purity Test-lots can be found at
Prizes-I gave Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner for the most pure, Penis Pasta and a racy bumper sticker for the lowest score, and two pairs of edible underwear for a score of 69.
Lots of condoms
Educational info about sexual health
Pens and paper

Other Considerations:

This program had a bigger turnout than most of ours usually do. I tried some different things with advertising, like taping condoms to the posters so that people would be more likely to look twice. I also hung lots of condoms from string so people could grab them on their way down the stairs. Our weekly study break was also right after the program. Free food never hurts. Name: Katie Sheehan
School: University of Rhode Island
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